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Georgia Plastic Foundation Mandates

We do this with a Vision to collaborate with other organizations to provide medical and surgical education, training, technology in the communities which are underserved around the world.

Youth and Women Empowerment

Georgia Plastic Foundation is committed to promoting economic opportunities for vulnerable women and unemployed youth…

Computer Literacy

To promote computer literacy in developing and underdeveloped societies. Georgia Plastic Foundation offers a computer…

Community Development

Community developments require a tripartite approach, from the Government, Non-governmental Organization, and the People. 

Social Investment

Georgia Plastic Foundation programmes are targeted at local farmers, widows, market women, and the artisan group. 

Healthcare Support

We have treated both adults and children with breast cancer, burns, cleft lips, keloids, hernia, and many more conditions.

Scholarship Programme

Georgia Plastic Foundation offers tertiary education scholarships to brilliant orphans and children of less privileged backgrounds.