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Georgia Plastic

Georgia Plastic Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization founded by Dr. Stanley Okoro, an internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon & philanthropist. A portion of our practice, Georgia Plastic’s profits are donated to the foundation for charity purposes. Dr. Okoro is donating all proceeds from his book (Brazilian Butt Lift: A leading Plastic Surgeon Reveals Everything you need to Know about Fat Transfer) to the foundation.

Our Vision

We seek an economic viable community
where there is equal opportunity
for the children of the have
and have nots.

Our Mission

To provide education and economic
opportunities for the youth, vulnerable children and women through sustainable social investment and empowerment programs.

Dr. Stanley Okoro

President, Georgia Plastic Foundation

Internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr Stanley Okoro, is a double board certified plastic surgeon philanthropist who offers customized cosmetic plastic surgical procedures at his private practice locations in Atlanta & Marietta Georgia. His international practice locations are Lagos and Abuja Nigeria.


To provide scholarships to brilliant and promising orphan and indigents student up to the tertiary level.


To facilitate the establishment of health centres in the community & to provide medical and surgical care to the underprivileged.


To invest in a sustainable social investment scheme that will improve the standard of living of our people.

Support our

We do this with a Vision to collaborate with other organizations to provide medical and surgical education, training, technology in the communities which are underserved around the world.

Youth and Women Empowerment

Georgia Plastic Foundation is committed to promoting economic opportunities for vulnerable women and unemployed youth…

Computer Literacy

To promote computer literacy in developing and underdeveloped societies. Georgia Plastic Foundation offers a computer…

Community Development

Community developments require a tripartite approach, from the Government, Non-governmental Organization, and the People. 

Social Investment

Georgia Plastic Foundation programmes are targeted at local farmers, widows, market women, and the artisan group. 

Healthcare Support

We have treated both adults and children with breast cancer, burns, cleft lips, keloids, hernia, and many more conditions.

Scholarship Programme

Georgia Plastic Foundation offers tertiary education scholarships to brilliant orphans and children of less privileged backgrounds.

Our Projects Brochure

Georgia Plastic Foundation is a 501 (c) charitable non-profit organization founded by Dr. Stanley Okoro, an internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon & philanthropist.

Every Child Deserves a Better Future!

To promote access to quality education through the provision of educational material support.

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Georgia Plastic Foundation
Annual Charity Gala 2023


Annual Gala Night 2022

Welcome to the Gala Event ticket site. Purchase your ticket today & Join us Friday, December 9th, 2022 to celebrate our accomplishments with traditional Nigerian dinner, dancing, and networking. Purchase your ticket here to support our foundation.

Scholars Program/Extra Moral
Class 2022/2023

Tue – Thur: 3PM – 5PM | Saturday: 9AM – 1PM